The Review of the Horse Improvement Program has been underway for a number of months with Standardbred and Thoroughbred Working Groups meeting regularly to develop recommendations for discussion. In support of that process, a telephone survey is about to commence to help gather information about the state of the breeding industry, and participants’ views on issues and concerns. If contacted by the Review’s consultant, Strategic Equine, you are encouraged to provide your input to this important process.

The ORC has undertaken a comprehensive review of the Horse Improvement Program (HIP), which is currently underway and will be finished in early 2008. This process will involve wide spread industry consultation through a number of avenues. The firm of Strategic Equine has been contracted as the consulting firm responsible for completion of the Review project.

As a component of the HIP Review process, Strategic Equine will be completing a telephone interview survey of owners and breeders to develop data on three key areas:

1. A profile of who is participating in the Ontario breeding and racing sector

2. Issues and challenges facing the industry, and

3. Costs-of-production to breed and/or race a horse in Ontario.

The telephone survey will be completed by Strategic Equine staff during June & July 2007, and will include interviews with a randomly selected sample of individual participants.

The ORC wishes to assure industry stakeholders that data collected from the telephone interviews will only be used for statistical purposes – and that the privacy and confidentiality of those interviewed will be strictly maintained. The Ontario Racing Commission will only have access to a statistical summary report of the data collected, and will not receive individual survey results for individuals who complete the telephone interviews.

We would encourage your participation in the telephone survey if you are contacted. We expect the results of the survey to provide the ORC with valuable information on the issues and challenges facing industry stakeholders, as a valuable resource for strategic planning and program development for the future.

If you have any concerns regarding the telephone interview process, or questions regarding the review of the Horse Improvement Program, please do not hesitate to contact the Ontario Racing Commission.