Woodbine Entertainment Group has amended its stall policy to allow Thoroughbred owners/trainers to seek additional racing opportunities at tracks other than Woodbine Racetrack this season.

Previously, Thoroughbred horses stabled at Woodbine were only permitted to ship out once per season, but, as of July 15th, the policy will allow two ship outs. This is in response to the wet conditions experienced this spring, which limited opportunities for grass starts. The amended policy reads as follows:

In order to ensure that stall use at Woodbine Racetrack supports racing at Woodbine, commencing July 15, 2017, and for the remainder of the 2017 Thoroughbred meeting at Woodbine, no horse, once boarded at Woodbine, may ship out from Woodbine to race more than twice at another racetrack (excluding races with base purses over $20,000) during such period. If such were to occur, the horse will be refused admission back onto the Woodbine grounds for stabling purposes only. Any exceptions must be obtained in writing and authorized by the Racing Secretary AND the Vice President of Thoroughbred Racing Operations PRIOR to shipping out.

The news was delivered via a letter from Jonathan Zammit, Woodbine’s Vice President, Thoroughbred Racing Operations. He noted that “in addition, effective July 15, 2017, those who have already used up their ship out opportunity will have their tally of ship outs to other tracks reset to zero.”