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Chestnuts and Northern Dancer Line Prominent in 2018

Inbreeding to Northern Dancer has become more frequent. In 2018, in particular, we have seen an explosion of multiple linebreeding to Northern Dancer.

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Why I Can’t Afford to Breed an Ontario-bred Horse

Ontario Thoroughbred breeders have been put in a position that will continue to negatively impact the horse supply and viability of racing in this province.

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Fast Out of the Gate: Leading Freshman Sires

A 10-year review of Canada’s leading freshman sires reveals these quick starters have gone on to solidify their place as leading sires in the country.


Do the best racehorses make the best sires?

Many of the greatest racehorses who ever lived had little success at stud, while far more modest racehorses became very successful sires and broodmares.

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Breeding for Soundness

Although today's racehorses surely don't get the foundation of long, slow works they once did, however, they have grown too fragile as a breed.

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State of Emergency in the Thoroughbred Breeding Business

Ontario breeders talk the importance of breeder awards and how they need to be improved as the industry goes beyond crisis into a “state of emergency.”