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Getting it Straight – Foal Limb Surgeries

The debate continues on the merits of foal surgery to enhance the athleticism, soundness and longevity of racing prospects.


Alberta News: Building Better Athletes

Recent advancements in veterinary medicine have highlighted a niche for services offered and professionals trained in equine rehabilitation and therapy.

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Has Drug Testing Gone Too Far?

Have testing protocols for performance enhancing drugs in horse racing become too precise and are the results being interpreted fairly in Canada?

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Everything You Need to Know About Equine Influenza

What you need to know about Equine Influenza and how to protect your horses from the highly contagious disease – from vaccinations to biosecurity measures.


An Ounce of Prevention – Biosecurity for the Thoroughbred Industry

Preventing and managing disease outbreaks at the home farm and track


Adaptation and Conditioning of the Musculoskeletal System

Both exercise physiology and musculoskeletal development research has revealed lots of information to date, including facts about horses tendons and more.