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What It Takes To Become A Racetrack Official

A Racetrack Official monitor races for any rule infractions, and watch for and “read” the race for anything that doesn’t look right.


Jennifer Morrison’s 2018 Sovereign Award Picks

Don't overlook western Canada's star horses for the 2018 Sovereign Awards says veteran handicapper Jennifer Morrison who shares her 2018 ballot picks.


Century Mile Promises Sustainability for Alberta Horse Racing Industry

Century Mile’s plan is to bring back the past while at the same time heading into the future of Thoroughbred racing in Edmonton.


How to Shop for a Thoroughbred Yearling with Reade Baker

Trainer Reade Baker discusses the finer points of purchasing Thoroughbred yearlings, from conformation and pedigree to pre-purchase exams.

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Thoroughbred Breeder Ivan Dalos’ Solution to Fix Horse Racing in Ontario

Thoroughbred breeder Ivan Dalos, founder of Tall Oaks Farm, says he is concerned about the future of breeding in Ontario and offers his solution.


Recalling the Origins of Thoroughbreds in Alberta

No one is exactly certain when the first organized race was held around Calgary, but Thoroughbreds were first imported into Alberta over 125 years ago.