Canadian Pari-Mutuel Agency

2016 Elimination Guidelines for Racing

The Canadian Pari-Mutuel Agency’s (CPMA) 2016 Elimination Guidelines Booklet is now available for distribution. Please note the title change for this document, as it replaces all previous editions of the CPMA’s Schedule of Drugs booklet. Changes will take effect March 1, 2016. Several elimination guidelines have been removed or significantly modified. A summary of these changes is attached. Prominent changes include: Corticosteroids: Many […]

New Guidelines for Methylprednisolone Use

The Canadian Pari-Mutuel Agency has issued a memo on the elimination guidelines for methylprednisolone, which will change effective January 1, 2016. Methylprednisolone is a steroid that prevents the release of substances in the body that cause inflammation. Elimination from the horse can take an extended period of time. As such, owners and trainers should govern themselves […]

CPMA Adds Buprenorphine to Schedule of Prohibited Drugs

On May 20, 2015, the Canadian Pari-Mutuel Agency (CPMA) released a Memorandumto Provincial Regulatory bodies and the Canadian horse racing industry advising that buprenorphine has been added to Schedule of Prohibited Drugs. Click here to see a copy of the CPMA Memorandum. The Ontario Racing Commission (ORC) issues this Notice as a service. ORC licensees are expected to […]

Canadian Pari-Mutuel Agency’s Position on Cobalt

The Canadian Pari-Mutuel Agency released the following memo to the horse industry regarding their position on the substance cobalt. It states: Given the recent publicity surrounding cobalt, the purpose of this notice is to provide the racing industry with information with respect to the CPMA’s position on this substance. Cobalt is a naturally occurring, trace element […]

ORC Launches Pilot Project for TCO2 Sample Collection

The Ontario Racing Commission (ORC) and the Canadian Pari-Mutuel Agency (CPMA) will launch a pilot project that will allow for the collection of Official (blood) samples at the same time as TCO2 (Plasma Total Carbon Dioxide) samples. The pilot will take place at The Raceway at Western Fair District, commencing on November 15, 2013 and […]

ORC Introduces Measures to Determine 2013 Race Dates

The Director of the Ontario Racing Commission (ORC) today announced measures to begin the process of determining the 2013 race date schedule, and to facilitate the continuance of pari-mutuel wagering beginning January 1, 2013. The interim 2013 race date schedule will be based on the approved 2012 schedule. This action has been taken, understanding that […]

Testing for Clenbuterol in Ontario Quarter Horses Continues

Testing for clenbuterol continues this racing season, and will include the lower Ontario Quarter Horse threshold levels introduced last year. This Ontario Racing Commission (ORC) initiative, introduced with the support of the Quarter Racing Owners of Ontario Inc. (QROOI), complements the efforts of the Canadian Pari-Mutuel Agency (CPMA), which has included clenburerol in its testing […]

ORC Notice to the Industry: Drug Warning

The Ontario Racing Commission (ORC) advises all members of the Ontario racing  community to use caution when administering substances that may cause a positive test. In particular are those drugs which affect the oxygen-carrying ability of the  hemoglobin molecule. Severe penalties and sanctions will be imposed on trainers who possess, use or whose horses test […]