University of Guelph

Do You Speak Horse?

Dr. Katrina Merkies ,at the University of Guelph, are conducting a research study "Human Distinction Between Positive and Negative Horse Vocalizations”

Take the Equine Guelph Research Survey

Equine Guelph and the University of Guelph would really like to know how you stay up to date on the latest equine research news. Together, they are conducting a study on the awareness of current research among members of Ontario’s horse industry. It will be online until February 1, 2015. The study aims to measure […]

Biosecurity Survey for Breeders

Healthy horses are the key to a sustainable equine industry. Biosecurity plays a vital role in both individual horse and herd health. To help assess current biosecurity practices and training needs at breeding farms, breeding farm owners are invited to participate in a research study being coordinated by Dr. Ulrika Gronlund Andersson and Dr. Scott […]

Report on Research: 3D Ultrasound Adds a New Dimension to Research into Roaring

You have seen the marvels of 3-D cinema whether it was Thor’s hammer hurling toward you or maybe it was Superman Returns at the IMAX. Ultrasound technology has also developed 3-D capabilities and it is evolving faster than a speeding bullet, with more accuracy than a CAT scan. What this means for researchers is a […]

Report on Research: Investigating Intestinal Microflora

OVC researcher, Dr. Scott Weese is going boldly forward- looking into what has been referred to as the “secondgenome” by looking at the microbial residents of a horse’s gut. Here, he discusses his work: When you consider that a horse is thought to have 100 times more bacterial cells in its intestinal tract than ‘horse’ […]