The Canadian Thoroughbred Horse Society (Ontario Division) & Ontario Racing are pleased to announce the continuation and enhancement of the Mare Purchase Program. The Mare Purchase Program, a component of the Thoroughbred Improvement Program, was developed in early 2017 to support the expansion and improvement of the resident band of Broodmares in Ontario and increase the racehorse population.

The program provides significant financial support to Ontario Resident Breeders investing in “new” Broodmares that will be brought into Ontario to foal in 2018 and be “Bred Back” to an Ontario Sire in 2018.

We are encouraged that the program will assist Ontario in strengthening the size and quality of our Broodmare Band. The continuation and enhancement of this initiative is in response to the declining population of Ontario Broodmares and resulting Foals. The CTHS & the Ontario Racing Thoroughbred Improvement Program have collaborated on this significant commitment to support our local Breeding and Racing Industry.

Further, the Program will support the Owners of Registered Ontario Stallions who have made significant contributions to Breeding in the Province by ensuring the new qualifying mares will be bred back to registered Ontario Sires.

Make sure to review the complete Program details on the APPLICATION FORM here.

Available through the CTHS Ontario or the Ontario Racing  websites and note that there are changes from the prior program criteria. Through the joint effort of the two organizations, a maximum of $500,000 in funding has been made available for this program for foals of 2018.

Please join us in sharing this exciting news with your fellow breeders and owners at your earliest convenience. We look forward to expanding the number and quality of Ontario Resident Mares and their resultant foals.

For further information contact:

Program Administrator – CTHS (Ontario Division)

Phone (416) 675-3602, Fax (416) 675-9405