AnimalAwarenessApp.jpgWellington, FL – Animal Awareness is pleased to announce that its new iPhone App is now available at the iTunes store. This new app will offer many of the exciting features that are currently included on the Animal Awareness website, and will allow users to customize information specifically for their pet. Animal Awareness is an exciting new website founded by Licensed Massage Therapist Jean-Pierre Hourdebaigt that helps develop home care procedures for canines and equines.


The features on the new Animal Awareness iPhone App will include access to a large collection of articles that cover many topics pertaining to the home care of animal ailments, including arthritis and muscle injuries. Sample tutorial videos will also be available, as well as the ability to setup a consultation with Hourdebaigt directly from the device. The App can also be customized so that users can track their animal’s vital information such as weight, medications, vet appointments, and teeth examinations.


“The Animal Awareness iPhone App gives you free access to a huge source of information anywhere, anytime,” commented Hourdebaigt. “You can get answers right away, regardless of where you are. Plus, when visiting your vet, you have all your animal’s record at hand! The free iPhone App is one of many ways that the Animal Awareness community shows that it really cares about animals.”


After downloading the iPhone App, users can visit the Animal Awareness website where they can access the article library or download a mini-DVD that offers 8-10 minutes of visual instruction for subjects such as massaging, stretching, and hydrotherapy.


For more information about Animal Awareness or the new iPhone App please visit