Great Canadian does recognize the concern related to some horse people not being able to find appropriate stabling for their horses as it relates to Great Canadian’s need to vacate the two backstretches. Keeping in mind our overarching concern is the health and safety of everyone involved at the two tracks, while being consistent with the direction from the provincial medical officer, we are proposing the following:

  • Great Canadian Gaming Corp. will allow the facilities to stay open, but no training will be allowed. Access to the track itself will be allowed for walking their horses, but no exercising/training
  • Great Canadian Gaming Corp. will be bringing in third party security, and those costs will be charged back to the breed associations
  • The onus will be on the respective breed associations to aim for a 50% reduction in the number of horses at each track from current numbers, with the goal to be approximately 25% of the original horse population remaining after April 1st
  • Great Canadian Gaming Corp. will limit the number of people on each backstretch to 50 at any one time, or a number lower based on direction from the provincial government or health authorities, inclusive of those domiciled at each track.
  • This will also require “sign in, sign out” privileges at the front gate at each backstretch
  • Anyone displaying flu-like symptoms will be denied entry to the backstretch, or will be asked to leave if on the backstretch
  • Everyone on the backstretch will be mandated, at all times, to practice social distancing

Each individual accessing the backstretch will have to sign a waiver that accounts for the following:

  • They will comply with all of our rules
  • They will comply with all prevailing health authority orders
  • They will indemnify GCGC, the facility, and the respective city (Vancouver or Surrey, as property owners).

Contravention of any of the above will lead to the removal of any individual immediately from the backstretch, as well as the removal of their horses within 72 hours.