Ontario Racing is pleased to announce that once again, through Enhanced HIP funding, payments will be sent out shortly for the Ontario Live Foal Program. These payments will further incentivize and assist Thoroughbred breeders throughout the province who have had live foals in 2020. This program reflects Ontario Racing’s ongoing commitment in securing a strong foundation for the future of the province’s breeding industry.

Due to the timing of these payments and the term of the EHIP contract, the amount of the payment, $325 per foal, was established based on 2020 live foals reported as of March 31, 2021. In order to receive the funds, foals must be registered with the Jockey Club and subsequently approved as a Registered Ontario Bred. A total of $300,000 has been allocated to the Ontario Live Foal Program for 2021.

“The Ontario Live Foal Program is designed to encourage and assist Thoroughbred breeders throughout the province,” said prominent breeder-owner and Ontario Racing board member, David Anderson. “These payments are reflective of Ontario Racing’s continuing commitment to breeders, and reinforces the importance of fortifying a vibrant breeding industry.”