The Jockey Club has released the 2023 edition of the Fact Book in the Resources section of its website at

The online Fact Book is a statistical and informational guide to Thoroughbred breeding, racing, and auction sales in North America and is updated quarterly. It also features a directory of Canadian, international, national, and state organizations. Links to the Breeding Statistics report that is released by The Jockey Club each September and the Report of Mares Bred information that is published by The Jockey Club each October can be found in the Breeding section of the Fact Book.

This edition of the Fact Book includes updates to the Reports of Mares Bred (RMBs) and Breeding Statistics sections. RMBs are now sortable by stallion name, number of mares bred, and state. The Breeding Statistics can be sorted by year and then by stallion name, mares bred, reports received, live foals, percent of live foals, and state. Both sections now have a search function and enable you to view all statistics or a certain number of statistics.

The 2023 State Fact Books, which feature detailed breeding, racing, and auction sales information specific to numerous states, Canadian provinces, and Puerto Rico, are also available on The Jockey Club website. The State Fact Books are updated monthly.

In 2021, The Jockey Club took over the production of The American Racing Manual from the Daily Racing Form, and the latest edition will be available as part of the Fact Book in the coming weeks.

Canadian Foal Crop Should Hold Steady

* Estimated figures

Source The Jockey Club
Foal crops are estimated against Reports of Mares Bred, scheduled to be filed by Aug. 1 of each breeding season. Foal registration is to be completed within 12 months of the birth of the foal. However, late registration is available for additional fees, making actual foal crop counts impractical before Dec. 31 of the crop’s 2-year-old year, the time by which the vast majority of the foal crop has been registered.




The Report of Mares Bred for each province shows each location had reduced numbers in 2022 from the previous year.