The CTHS (Alberta Division) is pleased to announce the 2025 Foal Incentive and Maiden and Open Mare Program.

This program is for Maiden and Open Mares bred in 2024 for foals of 2025.

Current CTHS (AB) Full Members with registered Thoroughbred mares that have not foaled in either 2023 and/or 2024 will be eligible for funding of $2,500 if sired by a Thoroughbred stallion standing in Alberta and $1,500 if sired by an out of province Thoroughbred stallion. The breeder of the resulting Alberta bred foal will be paid upon proof of registration of the Alberta bred foal with The Jockey Club and CTHS National office. Deadline for submitting copies of the completed foal registration certificates (Jockey Club and Canadian) is December 1, 2025.

All yearlings from this program are eligible for the 2026 Alberta Thoroughbred Sale with the cost of the sale entry fee covered by the CTHS (Alberta Division). Breeders will be responsible for the Sale Stake In-Fee of $100 (and the $200 Out-fee if unsold).

Mares must be registered, and an application approved by the CTHS (Alberta Division) office before foaling. The deadline for approval of this program for 2025 is August 1, 2024. Each mare is only eligible once for this program. A maximum of 30 mares will be accepted into the program. Members may submit multiple applications to the program, but a maximum of two applications will be paid out to each applying CTHS Member. Each individual CTHS member will have priority over any member’s second mare application. Application priority will be based on the date received by the CTHS (Alberta Division) office. If the program is undersubscribed unused funds from the Foal Incentive funding will be added to the Breeders’ Bonus and distributed to all breeders.

All applicants must be CTHS full members in good standing for both 2024 and 2025 and prior to each of the program deadline dates in order to be approved into the program. This program cannot be combined with any current CTHS or HBPA program. The CTHS reserves the right to deny any application it deems not in the best interest of CTHS (Alberta Division).

Visit the CTHS Alberta website HERE  for further information.