It is with great sadness that the Derby Bar and Grill reports the passing of H.B.P.A. of Canada and H.B.P.A. of B.C. Secretary Treasurer Richard Yates, who suddenly died of a massive heart attack yesterday, March 22nd, 2019.

Richard was a true advocate, ambassador, and a friend to racing. He was an integral and important part of the industry based initiative extending over the last eight years designed to stabilize and secure a productive future for Thoroughbred Horse Racing in British Columbia.

Richard was one of the group of individuals who created the outstandingly successful Hastings Racing Clubs I and II. Richard expertly managed the clubs’ 500 members through personal meetings, phone calls, and countless emails, introducing the new members to our spectacular sport of Thoroughbred Horse Racing.

In addition to many other talents, Richard was a writer extraordinaire, who produced the very popular and insightful “Richard’s Wrap Up” after each race day, giving a rundown of the winning horses and their connections, and important events of the day in a concise, descriptive and humorous fashion.

While Richard was obviously an important and respected member of our local racing scene, his influence and assistance went right across Canada through his role for years as an officer and Secretary Treasurer for the H.B.P.A. of Canada. He also served with distinction on numerous committees and assisted in executive matters for the National H.B.P.A. of America.

In conjunction to his professional responsibilities to the racing industry, Richard also, for 27 years, was an owner, breeder and trainer of many hard-running, decent race horses.

Richard was a well-liked and integral part of the backstretch community and gave freely of his time, trying his best to help anyone and everyone in need.

As well, Richard will be remembered for his quick wit and extraordinary ability to draw laughter from Club members, industry participants, colleagues, and friends, of which he had many.

In conclusion, we can think of no better way to end this writing than by leaving you with one of Richard’s favorite quotes:

“Gather ye rosebuds while ye may”

~ Robert Herrick

Goodbye Old Friend!

Richard’s memorial will be held during the racing season on a date to be announced.