Minor program administrative adjustments have been made to the Program Criteria for 2010, to open up more opportunities for participants.

Princess Bonus payout now extends for future years

Current requirements state that a person who holds a Princess Bonus Certificate must use it within 5 years of it having been earned. A number of inquiries have been received to keep a good mare on the racetrack for a longer period of time. The original reasons for maintaining a 5 year end to the benefit was done for accounting reasons, and the auditors have advised that this requirement is no longer necessary.


Where an individual wishes to delay breeding their mare beyond the life of the Bonus, they can apply to the Program Administrator who will make a determination on a case by case basis.

Pathways Program

To take part as a mentor and receive a subsidy for employing a Pathways Student Groom, a trainer is currently required to provide evidence of a CRA payroll Business Registration Number.


This requirement has now been reviewed and it has been determined that a trainer can provide a signed statement from the Student Groom that they understand their responsibilities to file the relevant taxes. Trainers are reminded that a Workman’s Compensation number is still required.

Reminder to Broodmare owners

Owners of broodmares registered in the program for 2010 are reminded that they should notify the Program if the mare is being taken out of the Province or moved to another location. Once the mare is registered, she may be subject to inspection at anytime.

While March 1st was the deadline to renew your mare under the new simplified system, a mare can still be accredited with the Program if enrolled at least 270 days prior to foaling out in 2011. The day the accreditation form is received by the Program Registry is considered “day one” of the 270 day count.