If you are the owner of either (i) a 2018 Canadian Bred Thoroughbred, or (ii) an unregistered Canadian Bred Thoroughbred of 2017 or earlier, please provide a copy of your horse(s) CTHS Certificate of Registration to Ontario Racing no later than May 27.

As we move towards the commencement of live Thoroughbred racing in Ontario in early June, the TB race offices are starting to write the races and the condition books for the upcoming season. In order for your horse(s) to be eligible for races written for Canadian bred and Ontario-Bred horses under the TIP program, Ontario Racing must provide the race offices with evidence of the status of all horses.

Unfortunately, the CTHS has not provided this information to Ontario Racing for the year 2018. Therefore, all horsepeople who wish their 2018 horses to be eligible for these races and for Ontario-Bred bonuses must provide evidence of their status to Ontario Racing directly.

Please email a copy of your CTHS certificate of Registration evidencing Canadian Bred status to Ashley Douglas at adouglas@ontarioracing.com in order to ensure your eligibility for these races as soon as possible.

We thank you for your co-operation in this matter and apologize for the inconvenience.