This season at Fort Erie Race Track, a transportation subsidy in theamount of $300 will be available for eligible owners of horses shipping in to race QuarterHorses on the mixed-card race days being held on Monday, July 2nd, Sunday, July 15th, Monday, August 6th and Monday, September 3rd.

For owners to be eligible to receive the payment, Ontario Quarter Horses must be owned by an Ontario-resident ORC licensed (Quarter Horse) owner, be recorded with the QHRIDP Program Registry as an Ontario Bred, Ontario Foaled or Ontario Sired horse, or have raced one or more times in Ontario in 2009, 2010 or 2011 prior to racing at Fort Erie.

The transportation subsidy will NOT be in place during the fall Quarter Horse meet as in 2012 there is no cost for Quarter Horses stabling at Fort Erie (outside of the $1.50 environmental fee) and because during this time there is no local competition for Quarter Horse racing.

The Quarter Horse Racing Industry Development Program Payment (QHRIDP) will pay out the funds at the end of the racing season based on confirmation of eligibility, race results received from Fort Erie, and upon verification that eligible horses were not stabled on the backstretch during this period.

Thoroughbred horses participating in the mixed-breed races on the above dates will also be eligible to receive this payment.

For further information on the Quarter Horse Racing Industry Development Program or the Fort Erie Pilot Project, contact Sandy Anthony, Program Coordinator at 416-213-0520;