We are doing what we can to reduce the number of people on the backstretch each day to ensure that only Essential Staff and Deliveries are coming through the East Stable Gate.

As such, we are keeping a list of each Trainer’s essential and current staff – grooms, hot walkers, exercise riders. Only those on the list will be permitted to enter the backstretch until further notice.

If you have not already, please email your list to Karl Lagerborg kal@woodbine.com or call the Stall Office as soon as possible to provide your list of names. Newly hired staff can be added going forward, however, the names must be added by the employer (Trainer). As the Stable Gate is very busy each morning, please wait until after 8:00 am each day to add new employee names.

This Essential Staff list will come into effect on Tuesday, March 31 at 3:00 am.

Anyone not on the list will not be permitted in the backstretch, until the employer (Trainer) has added the name to his/her staff list.

Additionally, we are adjusting hours for entry at the East Stable Gate.

The backstretch will be closed for entry from 12 Noon – 3:00 pm each day. EMS and Woodbine Security will continue screening each day checking temperatures from 4:00 am – 12 Noon. The backstretch will reopen each day from 3:00 pm – 9:00 pm. In case of emergency during the closure times of 12 Noon – 3:00 pm, Veterinarians and Trainers/Assistants may gain access by visiting the Security Office at the East Stable Gate.

We will also be instituting a new protocol for all horses arriving from the USA and outside of Ontario.

Horses Shipping in from USA and out of Ontario – Mandatory Use of South Sales Barns

Any horse vans arriving from the USA or out of Province, must follow the protocol as outlined below:

*All Horse Vans will be instructed to call their respective Trainer/Assistant to advise on estimated time of arrival to Woodbine. All horse vans will need to contact their respective Trainer/Assistant prior to arrival

*Trainer/Assistant will call the Security Gate with no less than 30 minutes before arrival in order to provide for adequate time to open the South Sales Gate. All vans will drive to the area near the location of the ramp and will stop there to allow horses to off load.

*After the Van arrives, drivers will be permitted to open van doors and remove barriers for horses to be off loaded. Only essential and screened personnel from Trainer’s staff may off load horses and take directly to assigned barn.

*All paperwork will be handed to Trainers staff. It must be in a clear package, sealed so that the package may be disinfected before access to papers. Trainers staff will use proper PPE.

*Any equipment that is accompanied from out of province must be kept to a minimum and must, must be offloaded immediately in this area and disinfected as quickly as possible, prior to entry to backstretch.

*Once horses are fully off loaded, the van will close up immediately, depart the South Sales area and leave the property. Security personnel will clear the area and lock the gate.

*NO vans arriving from USA or out of province will be allowed to access the backstretch for any reason or circumstance without prior approval from Security Lead.

*Please note if you have a staff member that lives in the Dormitory and is feeling unwell, please report details to Security ASAP.