Chipping In

Discussing the benefits of the CTHS decision to require all foals born in 2017 and beyond to be implanted with identification microchips.

Diamond Hunter’s Makeover

Lindsey Fex and the thoroughbred Diamond Hunter are one of two Alberta entries heading to the $100,000 Thoroughbred .

Video Filmed at Woodbine

The video for Shot of Glory — a song that hit number one — was filmed at Woodbine earlier this year because of David Roberts’ deep love for the sport.

Integration and the OLG Explained

In the first part of an ongoing series on the challenges facing the Ontario horse racing industry – and possible solutions – Cal Bricker, the senior vice-president of horse racing for the Ontario Lottery and Gaming (OLG) corporation, explains integration and what the future holds for horse racing.

Big Risk, Bigger Reward

Allyson, who had grown up in nearby Woodstock, Illinois, said if Jesse was willing to take the chance on moving to Woodbine, she was willing to as well.

Champion Alberta Bred: For Cash

Lyle and Phylis Farkash were presented with the Champion Alberta bred Trophy at the Night of Champions by Alberta Minister of Agriculture and Forestry.

Major Changes

New regulation of horse racing in Ontario transferred to the Alcohol and Gaming Commission of Ontario from the Ontario Racing Commission. That’s just the beginning of significant changes in store for horse racing in the province said AGCO CEO Jean Major.