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Six-Decade Labour of Love

Maple Grove Stock Farm, a true family operation born 67 years ago with the purchase of a single mare, celebrates one of its best years in the sport.

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Money Talks

When all of the costs have been tallied at the end of the year, keeping a racehorse in training can cost $40,000 to upwards of $75,000 a year or more.


Royal Canadian Bloodlines

There is clearly a pattern of genetic royalty involved in the thoroughbred breed in general, and the Canadian breed in particular.

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Taking Horse Racing Mainstream

By combining his experience as a CTV anchor with his passion for horse racing Joe Tilley is hoping his show Talkin’ Horses will draw more people to the sport.

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Married… With Horses

More and more couples are working together in the backstretch.


Woodbine’s Quest to Run a Financially Viable Race Track

Woodbine executives are committed to being more transparent and creating a dialogue with horse people as they strive to run a financially successful track.