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Everything You Need to Know About Equine Influenza

What you need to know about Equine Influenza and how to protect your horses from the highly contagious disease – from vaccinations to biosecurity measures.


Shock Wave of the Future

First used on humans, shock wave therapy is controversial but proving to be a popular treatment for tendon, ligament and many other injuries in racehorses.


Airway Disease is Prevalent in Racehorses

Inflammatory Airway Disease robs racehorses of their breath, and, therefore, their stamina. A new study shows the condition is more prevalent we thought.

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Will Lasix-Free Horse Racing Come to Pass?

If proponents of a current bill before U.S. Congress succeed, pre-race Lasix injections may be a thing of the past as soon as next year’s racing season.


What’s New in Equine Research

Updates on equine research across Canada from stem cells, sudden-death syndrome, proud flesh and other pertinent racehorse ailments.


Thoroughbred Broodmare Health

Dr. Tracey Chenier and Dr. Elizabeth Scholtz at the Ontario Veterinary College at Guelph discuss some of the current research topics in broodmare health.