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Starting 2-Year-Old Racehorses is a Delicate Business

Thoroughbred trainers aren’t usually quick to share their secrets, but training young horses is a delicate business, so here’s some advice.

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Swim to Win

While nothing can replace on-track training, more and more horsemen are utilizing swimming as a fitness tool for their horses.


Training to Win with Reade Baker: Managing the Winter Break

Whether you are leaving your horses in Canada for the winter or sending them south, these next few months are a good time to give your horses some rest.

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Training to Win with Reade Baker: Coming Back from Winter Break

In this first instalment of “Training to Win” with Reade Baker, the veteran Thoroughbred trainer shares his insights on techniques and strategies.

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Freestyle Riding (part 3 of 4)

True horsemen are admired for their ability to ride by the seat of their pants. Pat Parelli explains how this can be achieved through freestyle riding.