Today the Ontario Horse Racing Industry Association was pleased to hear NDP MPP Taras Natyshak’s announcement regarding his party’s plan to introduce a motion calling on the   suspension of the OLG’s modernization strategy until municipalities have held referendums in conjunction with the 2014 municipal elections, and the   re-instatement of the Slots at Racetracks Program.

“Time is running out for  our industry. We need action now. If our elected officials do not act soon to ensure there is sufficient funding for horse racing through revenue sharing arrangements, horse racing in Ontario won’t survive.” Said Sue Leslie,   President of the Ontario Horse Racing Industry Association.

“The current government does not believe the Slots at Racetracks Program is the best way to go forward, and is prepared to allow our industry to shrink by thousands of jobs during this difficult economic time. By ending SARP so abruptly and forcing racetrack operators into short term leases that do not require live horse racing, we are dooming any future investment and by extension our industry itself.”Leslie added. “We enthusiastically welcome the NDP’s motion
and call on all MPPs to support it, because it recognizes the urgent need to shore up the Ontario horse racing and breeding industry with sufficient
funding now, so that we can survive to be integrated into the gaming strategy longer term.”

The Ontario Horse Racing Industry Association continues to work with all parties to ensure our industry remains a top priority during the legislative session and budget deliberations.