Former professional jockey Eurico Rosa da Silva wrapped his racing career in December of 2019, having racked up over 2,900 wins, including back-to-back Queen’s Plate victories (2009 and 2010). The 45-year-old was a seven-time Sovereign Award winner as Canada’s Outstanding Jockey. As an accredited performance coach, public speaker and NLP practitioner he has built a practice helping athletes and executives reach their peak mental performance, as well as achieving excellence in their personal and professional lives.

Now Eurico can add ‘author’ to his resumé. His new book, Riding For Freedom, has just been released. It follows his fascinating journey from his early life on a dairy farm in an impoverished community in rural Brazil, struggling with a debilitating illness and a brutish father. He was nevertheless determined at an early age that he would become a champion jockey and he fiercely pursued that goal, first in Brazil, then Macao and finally Canada. But for Eurico, according to the book notes, “the real challenge in his life had little to do with horse racing.”

Writing this candid book was a cathartic process, as it involved facing some long-suppressed family secrets and a traumatic childhood. “I cried for four months, every single day, doing this book,” he admitted. Now Eurico finds solace helping his clients through meditation, therapy and counselling. “I felt shame for so many years, and now I am able to be myself. Before, I was the one getting help. Now I am able to help people.”

The book is scheduled to be available on beginning Dec. 24th. For details and ordering information, go to