You’re welcome! So, in last Friday’s column, the first column to apply betting rules – in advance – to Woodbine races, a $2 outlay for a $1 wheel on the best rule horses in a pick-3 on three 7-furlong races rewarded you with $49.85 (1 x 2 x 1). in addition, the standout rule horse in the first of the three 7-furlong races won and paid $12.50. And a $2 exactor wheeling that horse with three next-best rule horses (5-4) paid $60.40. (The 7-furlong rule is simply looking for the horses with the highest 7f speed figures somewhere in their past performances.)

As a refresher, here’s the text from last Friday’s column with the winning horses underlined.

  • Race 7: #5 Silken Dollar’s (4-1) speed figure of 88 is only three higher than #9 Bijou Baby (6-1) but last year she posted a blazing 97 which makes her a standout.  Have a care for #1 Lady Moonshine (20-1) and #4 Wicked Mercury (5-2), both of whom posted an 84 last year.
  • Race 8: None of the entrants ran a 7-furlong race this year so we’ll consider last year’s figures: #7 Taquanyah (12-1) posted a 92 and #2 Loon Cry (2-1) posted a 108 pace figure. #1, #5 and #9 posted either 87 or 88 speed figs.
  • Race 9: Only one horse had raced at 7-furlongs in this race for maidens and that was #4 Hawkesbury (2-1).

So, once again, the pick-3 of 5-2-4 paid $49.85 for $1.

Can we keep it going? For tomorrow’s challenge let’s apply rules to winning the pick-4 at Woodbine in races 4 to 7. The 20-cent ticket (8 x 1 x 3 x 4) will cost you $19.20 but each race has solid rules (the ticket is ALL/ 7/1,2,6/2,3,5,8).

  • Race 4: Non-winners of two races lifetime, the most chaotic condition in racing, so let’s take all eight horses, especially since the favourite, #3 Well Actually, has a very slow closing fraction in her last turf route race.
  • Race 5: Another turf route race but with a standout: #7 My Sunny Valentine. The mare brings the quickest closing fraction of 23 1/5 seconds from its previous one-mile turf race at Gulfstream Park. The standard good closing fraction for a mile race is 24 seconds. (You calculate how quickly a horse comes home from the 6-furlong point in the race.)
  • Race 6: It’s a 7 ½-furlong race so, similar to last Saturday’s plays, we look for the quickest speed figures at the specialist distance of 7 or 7 ½ furlongs. #1 has a figure of 81, #6 has 70 and #2 has 69.
  • Race 7: It’s a maiden race in which we look for the lowest added-up numbers (add where each horse finished last time with the horse’s position at the first call of his previous race). The four lowest added up number horses are 2,3,5,8. #3 Vucchella has the lowest of all at 6.

So there you go. You also may wish to play doubles or pick-3s using those races, especially a double in races 5 and 6.

Another race on the card with strong rules is race 8, the Alywow Stakes, in which we look for the horse with the best in-the-money record which is #1 Stormcast who is a perfect four-for-four.

~ by Ivan Bigg